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Introducing My Aroma Bliss

My Aroma Bliss was born out of a passionate desire to create a sustainable wellness community that focuses on the safe usage of Essential Oils. 

My Aroma Bliss creates effective, powerful and inspiring Essential Oil blends at affordable prices.

We also empower our customers to learn how to create personal Essential Oil blends to meet specific needs.

  • My Aroma Bliss - Zoey


    I applied Abundance Blend at the tip of my hair before attending a "life or death" meeting. During the meeting, I was told that one of our main contributing clients wanted to terminate the service of our team. What was shocking thereafter was that the owner of the company reverted to us that he would like to only retain my service towards them. After the long and tiring meeting, I was informed privately that the bosses would like to heavily reward me for the efforts contributed! I couldn't be any happier!

  • My Aroma Bliss - Trish Fook

    Trish Fook

    Hello all, I torn my back muscle and was not able to wake up from my bed at all. I went for an injection on Tuesday morning and was on medication. Despite all that has been done, there was no improvement. I then seek help from My Aroma Bliss and she shared with me the Ache Relief Blend and I am able to move after the 3rd application! Today, I am able to move like normal and the pain has now decreased to a 10% only!

  • My Aroma Bliss - Stella Kuek

    Stella Kuek

    Abundance Blend has done magic for me in the business and trade that I am in! It has been a challenging few months for me in the real estate business and I've be faced with customers whom turned down deals when the negotiations were so near to confirmation. It was then I was introduced to this Essential Oil Blend and WUALA~ my business flourished and is still coming! Thanks MAB!

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